My Pre-requisite Profile Shot! *hehe*

Completed Profile Shot

I was asked to include a profile shot for an upcoming newsletter and I’ve been putting it off for weeks. You see, I’m not really a self-portrait kinda guy and I also didn’t want an image that was too staged. Typically, company profile shots would require a rather “formal” dress-code but I felt that it didn’t really represent what it is that I do for a living. When you’re detailing it’s hard to work with jeans or pants as the squatting and lying-down on the ground, plus the getting wet are the everyday stuff.

Here’s a few out-takes…
Self-Portrait @ The Garage 4

The good thing was, I just got my 500W studio strobes and it was time to bring ‘em out to play! *hehe* A couple of my mates were on site shooting a bike at The Garage while I arranged the lighting. I got them to trigger the SLR as the batteries on my remote shutter went dead. After lots of pre-requisite laughs I managed to get a couple of shots out.

Self-Portrait @ The Garage 1

I dressed in my daily-wear and I thought about initially arranging the cars in a more dynamic pose but decided otherwise as I wanted to capture the feel of my detailing bays-in-action. For mood lighting, I threw in a blue-gel to cast a cool CSI-type lighting. *hahaha* And yes I was sucking up my stomach there…

Here’s the setup for the Strobist-minded:

Self-Portrait @ The Garage 3

Strobist Info: One 500W strobe with STU @ 1/2 power on camera high-left tilted downwards. Second 500W strobe on full-power, barn-door’ed and blue-gelled at the rear. Three Sunpak 383′s & 1 Vivitar 285HV @ 1/4 power on left and right of subject(me!). Two units mounted on Manfrotto Lightstands with an additional two fitted via Manfrotto Super-clamps on the middle-section of stands. Single SB-800 flashgun on ground rear @ 1/8 power. Triggered wirelessly.

Have a lovely weekend!

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7 Responses to My Pre-requisite Profile Shot! *hehe*

  1. med


    btw…wat audi is that on ur left?

  2. Cheems

    Lol. You look so slim. The lighting must’ve helped too.

  3. Svelte'

    Way to go DC! You look like the official posterboy for one of those contemporary automotive reality series on Discovery Channel. Get some badaxx tatts and Jimmy Shine won’t have nothing on you! About time you got the spotlight for your class work!

  4. Svelte'

    @ Med: If I had one guess, just from its frontal profile, I’d say it was the TTS Coupe. If I had another, it’d be the Roadster. Or I could be wrong on both occasions!

  5. med

    @ Svelte: Great guesses but i dunno mate….can’t come to a conclusion. Let’s wait for mac ;)

  6. *hahahaha* You guys crack me up!

    @med: It’s an Audi TT with TT-S wheels ;-)

    @Svelte’: Thx for the ink suggestion bud! :-p Would you like me to get one around my neck or across my arm? *LOL*

    @Cheems: Remind me why I take care of your cars? *hehehehe*

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