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Stone chips are not just unsightly but often require expensive repairs to your paintwork and downtime for your vehicle. The quest to find a fantastic totally clear paint protection film often can to a variety of choices that are designed to do different things.

Our ClearGuard® Nano SR is an industry leading protection film with a premium gloss finish that offers ‘Self-Reconvergence’ to heal your film from minor abrasions and swirls and features an Anti-Stain formula for the ultimate protection against the elements! 

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However at times your choice for paint protection film may also be based on appearance and our Defender Matte provides not just stone chip protection, but offers a unique textured satin finish for that ‘frozen’ look after application to your existing factory paintwork! Now you can also get the protection that transforms your vehicle with a luxurious matte finish!
Offering more than stone chip protection, Defender Matte offers a unique textured satin finish for that ‘frozen’ look after application to your existing factory paintwork! Now you get the protection you need while transforming your vehicle with a luxurious matte finish!
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Defender 150-M is the most cost-effective solution for stone chip protection currently available on the market. It features an optimised spectral construction for bright coloured paintwork (silver, white, beige and champagne metallic finishes). Its ability to provide a high level of stone chip protection while retaining a fantastic glossy finish makes Defender one of our most popular choices with today’s drivers.
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Our entire range of films are fully hand-installed and tailored to each individual car. Unlike template based systems, our approach is designed to not just provide a seamless finish but to provide total protection to every panel on your vehicle. AutoDetailer Studio stands by its quality workmanship and commitment to providing permanent protection for your car!

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