Introducing DEFENDER; our newest Paint Protection Film using a 120-micron base which is effectively more than 200% thicker than your existing clear-coat! Offering an amazing glossy finish while protecting your paintwork from abrasions and stone chips.

DEFENDER was developed using the latest polymeric technology to provide you with a cost-effective & tough paint protection solution! Now available available with or without pre-detailing and with options for just frontal impact protection to a complete bumper to bumper installation!

AutoDetailer Studio-1076

Installation Options:

  • Basic Frontal Package - Small Sedan 
    Starting from RM4,000 onwards(Front Bumper, Quarter Bonnet and Headlamps)
  • Frontal Impact Package - Small Sedan 
    Starting from RM6,000 onwards(Front Bumper, Front Bonnet, Front RHS Fender, Front
  • Complete Vehicle Package - Small Sedan 
    Starting from RM12,000 onwards(Comprehensive Bumper-To-Bumper Protection)

Contact us now at: +603 7960 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how DEFENDER can protect your paintwork!