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DEFENDER 120-Micron Paint Protection Film
Mini Black Card Members hold on to your seats! AutoDetailer Studio presents our Defender Frontal Impact Paintwork Protection Film promotion. Covering your front bumper, bonnet, left and right fenders and even your headlamps! Now for only RM5,000 for all Mini models, take to the road knowing your Mini is covered against debris, stone chips and abrasions! 

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Product Information
Introducing Defender; our newest Paint Protection Film using a 120-micron base which is effectively more than 200% thicker than your existing clear-coat! Offering an amazing glossy finish while protecting your paintwork from abrasions and stone chips. Defender was developed using the latest polymeric technology to provide you with a cost-effective & tough paint protection solution. Now available available with or without pre-detailing and with options for just frontal impact protection to a complete bumper to bumper installation.

Installation Options:
✅ Basic Frontal Package - All MINI Models
Starting from RM3,000 onwards(Front Bumper, Quarter Bonnet and Headlamps)
✅ Frontal Impact Package - All MINI Models
Starting from RM5,000 onwards(Front Bumper, Front Bonnet, Front RHS Fender, Front LHS Fender and Headlamps)
✅ Complete Vehicle Package - All MINI Models
Starting from RM10,000 onwards(Comprehensive Bumper-To-Bumper Protection)

All Defender 120-Micron packages are bundled with a unique SiO2 hydrophobic coating system for the film

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