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ELEMENTS Detailing & SiO2 Coating System
For the best shine and protection we’re also presenting Mini Black Card Members a chance to get their Mini detailed with our ELEMENTS exterior paintwork detailing package that will bring out the best of your Mini while protecting it using the SONAX® Nano Pro Coating from Germany for only RM3,000. With the shine and protection only a Mini deserves, get behind the wheel and brave the elements! 

Product Information:

SONAX® Nano Pro is a high-gloss SiO2-based coating system designed to resist bird droppings, dirt, bug splatter and rain for up to a full year, taking away all the hassles of maintenance requiring only a simple weekly wash. SONAX GmbH is the market leader in Germany with products in over 100 countries worldwide. Established since 1950, the company has been at the forefront of car care research and development. SONAX GmbH is an official partner of BMW Motorsports.

Detailing Options:
✅ ELEMENTS Paintwork Program - All MINI models 
Starting from RM3,000 onwards
✅ ELEMENTS Dual-Stage Leather Feed Program - All Mini models 
Starting from RM980 onwards
✅ ELEMENTS Wheel Coating Program - All Mini models
Starting from RM800 onwards

Note: Prices are valid for brand-new cars only. Existing MINI Black Card members can also enjoy this promotion but a specialised pre-detailing program for cars already on the road will apply at a slight additional cost.

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All vehicle assessment and detailing services are strictly by appointment only. Terms and conditions apply