It’s time to protect your new car with DEFENDER Paintwork Protection Film to retain your cars lasting beauty and value! As a special commemorative offer for Hari Merdeka, DEFENDER is now being offered with FREE Paintwork Correction to installed area(s)* to ensure your car has a flawless and even mirror finish before being sealed and protected by DEFENDER!

The polycarbonate headlamps of modern cars have a very fine and delicate UV multi-coating on their exterior which can be damaged by abrasives, sand, stone chips and damage from flying debris. Worn coatings also cause your headlamps to dull or become yellow and decreasing your driving vision at night.

AutoDetailer Studio presents DEFENDER Headlamp Protection Film with a tough 120-micron base polymeric material that can prevent your headlamps from breakage and dulling saving thousands on replacements! For just RM980 a pair for long-lasting protection over 5-years, you can drive further and brighter with no worries. It will save you thousands of ringgit in potential headlamp replacement costs!

AutoDetailer Studio-1145

ELEMENTS Detailing & SiO2 Coating System
For the best shine and protection we’re also presenting Mini Black Card Members a chance to get their Mini detailed with our ELEMENTS exterior paintwork detailing package that will bring out the best of your Mini while protecting it using the SONAX® Nano Pro Coating from Germany for only RM3,000. With the shine and protection only a Mini deserves, get behind the wheel and brave the elements!