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CeraLuxe IRD® Window Film

CeraLuxe IRD® is a cutting-edge window tint available from Prestige Film Technologies, providing drivers and passengers superior protection from harmful UV rays, solar radiation and excess heat.

With 99.5% UV (ultraviolet) rejection and IRR (infrared radiation rejection) of up to 93%, CeraLuxe IRD®’s patent-pending infrared radiation dispersion technology also targets specific IRR up to a wavelength of 2200nm which no other window film manufacturer has managed to achieve whilst simultaneously reducing energy consumption by running on lower air-conditioning outputs to produce cooler overall cabin temperatures.

More importantly, a TSER (total solar energy rejection) of up to 72% is achieved by CeraLuxe IRD®. TSER measures actual, real-world heat energy radiated through a vehicle from the outside which includes a combination of UV rays, visible light and IR rays. This percentage of TSER is one the highest recorded heat-blocking rate in its class.

CeraLuxe IRD® maintains maximum performance with virtually zero wireless signal interference guaranteed, including RFID, GPS, mobile phone signals, FM radio, etc. Visibility and optical clarity also remain 100% uncompromised even in darker privacy shades.



Why choose CeraLuxe IRD®?

CeraLuxe IRD® is the leading automotive window film on the market today in quality and style. Key features include:

Unrivalled Clarity - CeraLuxe IRD® has incredible sharpness and clarity allowing maximum visibility during your drives, day or night.

Maximum Performance - Utilizing the latest Nano-IR technology, CeraLuxe IRD® was developed to provide the perfect balance between high solar radiation rejection and visibility achieving an Infrared Radiation Rejection (IRR) of up to 93% from 900nm - 2200nm and a Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of up to 72% ahead of other window film products!

Zero Interference - CeraLuxe IRD® window film contains cutting-edge material development that recognizes our daily reliance on wireless transmission and ensures no transmission interference for your mobile devices that are often the case with other window films. Experience interruption-free use for mobile phone transmission/GPS signals, FM radio frequencies, Bluetooth, keyless entry systems and even your Smart Tag transmission on highways!

UV Protection - CeraLuxe IRD® rejects 99.5% of ultraviolet rays (both UVA and UVB), which means occupants and the vehicle’s upholstery are protected from harmful UV rays.

Peace Of Mind - CeraLuxe IRD® comes with a 10-year limited warranty from manufacturing defects and performance degradation.

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What is the difference between CeraLuxe IRD® and other tint products?

- Higher Visible Light Transmission (VLT) + better clarity + superior heat rejection + no wireless signal interference

Product X claims they block out 90% - 99% of IR (infrared radiation). How does CeraLuxe IRD® compare?

- Many manufacturers on the market utilize low grade IR coatings to generate these numbers in lower (nearer) IR wavelengths, which means it only performs great in very small window of the performance scale. CeraLuxe IRD® technology supports high IR rejection from 900nm - 2200nm.

There are other ceramic tints on the market. How is yours different?

- Prestige Film Technologies’s entire line of window tints (including Spectra PhotoSync IRD®) are NOT ceramic based. It is their patent-pending IRD technology that rejects infrared radiation from the near to far IR spectrum. Many products on the market use ceramic based components + some type of metallics to achieve high heat rejection, yet, do not disclose properly that their IR rejection will fluctuate drastically (up to 20% in IRR variance). CeraLuxe IRD® will only fluctuate 3% - 4% from 900nm - 2200nm.

What shades are available for CeraLuxe IRD®?

- CeraLuxe IRD® comes in the following series: CLX70, CLX45, CLX33, CLX20.

Does CeraLuxe IRD® block out UV rays?

- CeraLuxe IRD® blocks out 99.5% of UVA and UVB which in turn will protect occupants from sunburn and accelerated skin aging. In addition, our UV rejecting component will protect interior panels from rapid degradation.