Check out how our technicians work their magic using our Signature Detailing Program on this rare BMW 1M Coupé. Using specialised techniques, tools and materials, combined with more than a decade of experience, our team has started work on this unique vehicle to bring back its paintwork shine and lustre to factory specifications. Our Signature Detailing program is the most comprehensive detailing solution on the market.

 BMW 1M Before detailing

The rare BMW 1M Coupé turned up recently at our detailing facility.

BMW 1M Before detailing

We employed our Signature Detailing Solution as a the best option to sort out paintwork imperfections and restore the original lustre of the paintwork.

BMW 1M Before detailing

The original paintwork looked tired and had a multitude of imperfections including sections that have suffered from climatic wear and tear.

BMW 1M Before detailing

Some sections of the paintwork suffered heavy watermarks in quite a few areas, especially the bonnet. Other parts of the paintwork suffered acid etching and pitting and marring of the clear coat . 

BMW 1M Before detailing

Our technicians employ a multi-stage technique to first remove the imperfections and impurities on the paintwork including a high-pressure steam cleaning process.

BMW 1M Before detailing rupes bigfoot

The paint surface then goes through a compounding process which is then followed by a very fine polish using the Rupes BigFoot to return the paint to a very high level of shine.

BMW 1M after detailing sonax

As a final touch, we’ve sealed-in this meticulously crafted surface with car coating by SONAX® of Germany.

BMW 1M after detailing sonax

This TÜV certified car coating which is still Made in Germany offers greater protection than other typical finishing products including waxes/sealants. 

BMW 1M after detailing sonax

This extremely fine car coating not only protects the paintwork from oxidation and contaminants, it will exudes a deep shine that accentuates the paint depth and colour rendition of the existing paintwork. 

BMW 1M after detailing sonax

Typically we recommend a detailing program on the paintwork prior to any coating or paint protection film application to ensure a perfect surface for the coating or film to adhere to. It also ensures your car will be presented in perfect condition!

To find out more about how we can showcase your car to perfection with our Signature Detailing Program or Paint Protection Film, kindly contact us on WhatsApp: +6012 5878 961 or if you would like to speak to our friendly service staff, kindly call us on 03-7960 7940

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