Tom speaks to AutoDetailer’s technical director before leaving our detailing facility to assemble the luggage rack outdoors. 

After 3 days at AutoDetailer Studio, we’re already missing the Volkswagen Campervan we had in our care. Singer and performer Tom Dibb, came over around lunch to do a last check and to pack up his gear prior to sending ‘Pickle’ to a vehicle freight forwarder. 


Tom arrives at AutoDetailer Studio for the first time to thoroughly clean and decontaminate his caravan prior to export to Australia.

AutoDetailer Studio recently welcomed a rather unusual vehicle to our facility! Performer Tom Dibb from the UK had recently travelled across 25 countries with his beloved Volkswagen Type 2 Campervan; affectionately known as ‘Pickles’. After nearly three weeks in Kuala Lumpur, Tom is will be heading to Melbourne to continue his epic journey!

ADS-2016 - 911 2

With over 12 years of detailing and coating experience in Malaysia using a variety of products from world-class partners, we would like to like to explain how hardness of materials affects its ability to scratch surfaces. Some recent coating systems claim to have a hardness of 9 but our experience with coatings indicates that such claims are unlikely based on some very basic science.